Review Management – Etiquette

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Review Management | 0 comments

#1 Rule

If someone speaks to you, you speak back.

Customer reviews are our hot topic this month! On Thursday, Jennifer addressed just a few key points of how to handle customer reviews and some things that are critical to know that are vitally important to driving your business. The first thing to remember is that there are many ways a client can leave a review. Through Yelp, Google, and your business Facebook page and it is important to have those all available so your client can easily leave you a review. Once you have that basis, you have to know whether or not to reply to a review. Since most of us here at Manic Social are raised southern, we were always taught that if someone says something to you, you reply back. Online is no different than an in-person compliment and should be treated as such. Always reply to your client by name and thank them for their kind words. This shows that you see your client, and you appreciate the 2-5 minutes out of their day it took them to say thank you for your great service. Not only that, but thanking your clients shows prospective clients that you are dedicated to each and every one of them and is an opportunity to show your high level of service.

Speaking of replying to client comments, with Google especially, all of the comments you leave are part of SEO algorithms and help drive business to your page so if there are any keywords that are vital to your business, it is a good idea to use those words when you are writing your review so you are ranked higher and google and more easily found when a prospective client searches for a business in your industry. SEO is quite a complicated science, and we will go further in depth on that much later, but it is a good thing to keep in mind as you are writing your replies. Secondly, on Facebook, it typically shows up in the clients’ friends newsfeed when they leave a review so if someone is looking for say a house in a specific area if a friend of theirs used a specific realtor, they are more likely to reach out to that friend and ask about the review and your response to a good review drives more prospective clients to check out your business based on what their friends have already tried and know to be a good and attentive business.

Now for the hard choice. Do you respond to bad reviews? The answer is absolutely! Handling a bad review is crucial to retaining a life-long client and showing prospective clients that you aren’t afraid to respond even when someone’s experience was not up to par with the standards expected. Once you reply to your review online, it’s a good idea to contact the client personally and take the details off the internet so it can be handled one-on-one and you can improve that relationship. However, your initial response is online and there for your prospective clients to see not only that you care, but your response time to a bad customer experience. While no one wants to see a bad review, it is also an important part of the process and can show your expertise in your field and the professionalism with which you handle negativity. This is why Manic Social offers customer reviews as one of our services so you can reply to negative (and positive) reviews in a very timely manner and drive more business to your page.

Finally, as someone on the Manic Social page asked earlier this week, do you ask for reviews? The answer is yes. We are mostly service driven businesses and reviews and networking are major business drivers. When you ask for a review, most people will say yes and only a third will actually do it. If they don’t it does NOT mean you have failed, just persist and keep asking and there will be clients who will leave you those good reviews.

Having said all that, I’m sure everyone has more questions so keep them coming! For the month of July our focus on Thursday Thoughts will be customer reviews, and we will have more information in our blogs to come for July!