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You may be asking why we do not include pricing information on our website. The answer is simple. No two businesses have the same needs and we at Manic Social do not believe in the “one size fits all” pricing that other companies believe in. Additionally, we are a boutique agency that has the flexibility to manage all your needs no matter what they may be.


Service Suggestions

While not all businesses need the same thing, a lot of issues that come up are the same. Examples include social media marketing, customer review management, editing, branding, website design, blog content, SEO optimization, customer acquisition, customer retention, and maintaining coherency and voice across all channels available to the public. While this does not exhaust the limits of what we at Manic Social can do, nor does it represent the entirety of the needs of all businesses, it is an example of things our past clients have requested.



Manic Social is a uniquely flexible marketing management company which means you can choose as much or as little as you need. For example, imagine you need help with social media marketing; however, you need help with only one or two outlets such as Twitter and Instagram. No problem! We can manage as much or as little as you need. You can also mix and match with other services, for example social media marketing and SEO optimization. Need help with everything? We can do that too! The possibilities are endless and under your control!



We will do a full review of your business and strategize with you to create a custom plan that is specific to the size of your company, the needs your business has, and what areas you would like to focus on. No project is too big, too small, or outside of our area of expertise because we deal in solutions and not in excuses! Let us come review your business and build your strategy today!

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